As a multi-brand shop with over 30 different brands, there is always ample opportunity to renew the wardrobe easily and safely right here. In addition to our own clothing brand "BON'A PARTE", you will find carefully selected quality brands for women with any clothing style, body shape and age. On you will find everything from bold trendy styles to safe basic styles that provide you with a versatile and flexible wardrobe, along with beautiful underwear and homewear, seasonal shoes and accessories as well as gorgeous home items and care products. Read more about our beautiful brands ...
BON'A PARTE designs stylish and feminine clothes for the modern woman with a perfect touch of Scandinavian elegance and simplicity. Quality, comfort and good fit are all essential ingredients in every collection. We want to live up to our customers' high expectations for style and quality - and that is precisely why we have not compromised on anything. Welcome to a new season.
Women of all ages love France's exciting universe. From perfect fit to stylish looks and wardrobe classics. We want to make clothes where quality and design go hand in hand. The clothes must fit well and compliment the female figure in the finest way, so that you feel feminine and comfortable.

Fransa Plus Size Collection is for the quality conscious woman, who does not compromise with comfort and a beautiful feminine styling that embrace the curvy shape. Fransa Plus Size Collection is our sub-brand that sum up the essentials of Fransa. It contains the well-known good qualities and silhuettes modified for the curvy woman within the feminine universe of Fransa.

b.young is the fine balance between casual chic and urban cool. The design is timeless, where light, relaxed materials are combined with a feminine cut and fresh expression. Our collections and designs are characterized by styles that are perfect for both the sophisticated woman - who wants an elegant look - but also for the woman who loves to mix elegant and classic with modern statement styles
KAFFE's timeless designs are characterized by femininity, beautiful details and good quality. The brand is its very own, and each collection is based on the modern and stylish woman. From a blouse selection full of beautiful contrasts to dresses in playful prints - with KAFFE, your wardrobe is always up to date.
Embrace being you. Kaffe Curve does not compromise. Fashionable colours, high quality and flattering silhouettes and details for the beautiful curvy woman. Fashion is for everyone regardless of curves, size and appearance. This is largely reflected in our collections as well. At Kaffe Curve you will find styles for women with beautiful curves and shapes. Perfect fit is the focal point of all our designs and so is following trends. We interpret upcoming trends and tendencies, and combine this with our expertise and knowledge of fit and material selection, so that we can highlight the female body in the best possible way.
JBS OF DENMARK. Quality with consideration for the environment and people. Underwear from JBS of Denmark is created with a strong focus on quality and long product life. Each and every piece of clothing must feel right and good - from inside to outside, every time. This is emphasized with the new FSC®-certified underwear series, Bambus.
Our designs are for the woman who wants to feel fashionable - every day. From romantic floral prints to lightweight materials that highlight your feminine side. We create the season's must haves, easy everyday styles that save any crisis and the perfect party outfit. We create fashion that is accessible and fashion for every occasion.
Culture is a Danish fashion brand with Scandinavian roots and an international mindset. We want a new and creative approach to quality and fashion. Focusing on a 100% design-oriented DNA that expresses itself in a symphony of unique femininity and simple coolness in quality materials, we deliver fashion with meaning.
As a brand, PART TWO celebrates diversity in both style and expression - and makes a virtue of the fact that each individual design is created so that it follows the body's shape to ensure the most flattering fit. We think it's nice to look good, but even nicer to be able to do all the things you love, without being limited by your outfit.
InWear's tailoring is based on modern minimalism. In a very short time, women all over the world have fallen in love with InWear's versatile and timeless clothing universe. We don't just want to dress the female body, but make sure that the personality is also allowed to shine through. See our latest styles and build your wardrobe with reinterpreted classics and stylish, trendy must-haves.
A soft touch of bohemian luxury added to a playful spirit that is clearly reflected in the clothes. With the woman in focus and great expertise, Cream pays tribute to flattering fits and unique materials that help to emphasize the romantic features. Fall in love with beautiful dresses where the details are in focus and create a wardrobe with original and creative styles that help highlight your fantastic personality.
Friihof + Siig is unique jewelery with a wonderful touch of foreign mystery and Scandinavian simplicity. Created by the two childhood friends, Lena Kirkegaard and Hanne Sejer, where the living room formed the framework around the first jewelery designs in 2015, the brand has enchanted us in no time. With inspiration from their many travels, to Thailand, Friighoff + Siig has created a jewelery brand of quality materials that exudes femininity. The jewelery is timeless and can be worn by both young and old - and regardless of (party) occasion. That is why Friihof + Siig is also jewelery for you, who want to own something unique and well thought out
Shoes for every expression and every style. At Pavement, we design shoes that are deeply rooted in beautiful design and high quality. With an undeniable urge to create solid craftsmanship with unique details, each collection is crafted with meticulous precision and passion. Shoes don't just add the finishing touches, but also form the basis for a functional everyday life.
With the core values ​​of quality, sustainability and Scandinavian timeless design in focus, Markberg designs beautiful bags in a modern look and with well-thought-out functional details. On this page you will find bags in different sizes in leather or recycled polyester.
MARTA du château
MARTA - Beautiful as you are. MARTA du château designs feminine styles in a delicious, timeless bohemian style. Here you get both edge, originality and cool and quirky details that lift any look. Our mission is to make delicious fashion for everyone, and therefore all styles are designed to suit all the women we are - regardless of style or size. We believe in fabulous fashion - at a reasonable price. We have taken our inspiration for the collections from the French and Italian fashion scene, based on the woman and her everyday life and lifestyle.
Decoy guarantees fashion socks designed in the colors and trends of the time. With a strong focus on high quality, good price and great versatility, Decoy creates tights, leggings, knee socks, ankle socks and knitted socks for the fashion-conscious woman as well as for everyday and parties.
Defeeter equals shoes, boots and sandals for trendy and fashionable women who appreciate fashion shoes with a lot of edge - while they are guaranteed a feminine and timeless look. That's why Defeeter shoe designs are a perfect addition to any wardrobe – regardless of style and personality. From shoes and sandals to boots - footwear from Defeeter is produced from delicious qualities such as leather, which makes Defeeter a brand with a strong focus on comfortable and durable footwear.
Triumph is one of Europe's most recognized and popular brands, producing lingerie for women of all ages. We are a lingerie brand that has good taste for modern underwear and a strong focus on women's desires. The range varies very widely; from classic Triumph bras and panties to more "wild" products that are trendy and modern.
BY SKAGEN bedding in delicious quality. The bedding is available in several sizes and beautiful colours. Find a large selection of bed linen from BY SKAGEN at
With My Essential Wardrobe, you always have a familiar basis for putting together outfits you feel comfortable in for every occasion. Invest in well-fitting jeans, nice shirts, elegant dresses, nice outerwear and other essential styles for your wardrobe.
Cool details, edge, feminine touch and versatility. Hype the Deatil knows how to design beautiful socks, tights and underwear that not only spice up your look, but are also comfortable and of high quality. From beautiful glitter stockings and cool tights to underwear with extra comfort - with Hype the Detail you won't go wrong in the city. All stockings are one size - size 37-41 - so you don't have to bother with choosing the right size. Explore the fine selection and grab your important accessories.
Many colors and a feminine touch - the aim is to find your inner DNA via your own styling. Karen by Simonsen the woman calls for self-worship. The courage to be yourself and dare to express it - especially through clothing. for the past 25 years, Karen Simonsen has always had the ability to create tomorrow's icons and current must-haves. With each and every collection, Karen By Simonsen celebrates the pure elegance of Scandinavian design. "All people are different and so is the way they dress, we must embrace diversity and be true to ourselves." - Karen Simonsen
Lounge Nine is the brand with the soft qualities and fantastic fits. Lounge Nine is timeless, sustainable and comfortable - Here you can sit back and let yourself be embraced by the most delicious styles. Wear them separately or mix and match to create a sophisticated loungewear look.
Welcome to a world of endless tales from Monday Sunday. Our universe is a place where the true treasures of everyday life are appreciated. It could be daydreaming on a Monday, drinking champagne on a Tuesday, or bringing nature in on a Wednesday. We love to create small miracles so that everyday moments become visible and adored. Life is right now – so let's hold hands on a Thursday, dance naked on a Friday, redecorate on a Saturday or explore new stories on a Sunday. Let's create a place together where everything is possible. Let's discover a new world together.
In the Home category you will find wonderful, natural cleaning products from Simple Goods. The range consists of universal cleaning, dishwashing liquid, hand soap and much more - all made from mild, natural and plant-based ingredients.
WODEN SNEAKERS - A GREENER FOOTPRINT. With a focus on sustainability, fashion, functionality and anatomy, the Danish sneaker brand, Woden, designs delicious, high-quality footwear at reasonable prices. Natural quality materials such as fish leather, recycled rubber and cork give the shoes a natural look and protect the environment.
Crazy about jeans ... Pulz jeans are authentic. We design jeans for authentic women with authentic lives. Jeans that are made to fit perfectly - always. Our wide selection means there is a style for everyone - including you. Shoot shortcut to jeans you can feel comfortable in season after season after season…
Ib Laursen
Decorate your home and cover it nicely for everyday life and party with delicious, rustic products from Ib Laursen. You will find a wide range of home and garden interior design items, designed to provide Nordic cosiness both outside and inside. In addition to nice interiors, tableware and home textiles, you will also find wonderful soap and care products.
Extra great value for money. Underwear is an essential part of any wardrobe - whatever the occasion. Sloggi designs underwear that feels comfortable, nice and right.
A world of delicious, luxurious styles, with a recognizable signature and an overriding focus on detail. Dive into the Soaked universe and be inspired by unique, luxurious styles that are guaranteed to give your wardrobe an extra edge.
The fine art of being you. ICHI celebrates simplicity and accessibility. Our desire is to make clothes that are easy to understand and identify with. The collections are bold, playful and feminine - and the hand-drawn print designs give a personal and unique touch across seasons. With a strong focus on detail combined with a style that exudes freedom and raw femininity, ICHI appeals to all women.
With a focus on colors, beautiful gemstones and good quality, the Danish jewelery company, Aqua Dulce, designs and produces simple and stylish jewelery that follows the trends of the time. The jewelry is in 925 Sterling silver, and with 14 carat gold plating - all jewelry is of course 100% nickel free.